We will never forget that day.

 I got up and my Mom said a plane crashed into one of the twin towers in NYC. I was like her I thought it was just some terrible airplane crash. But I went into the room where she was and watched it myself. I then saw the second plane crash into the other twin tower. Everybody started talking about it being a terrorist attack. It showed the president being told. It showed people jumping to their deaths, the buildings falling to the grown. Black smoke everywhere people were crying (including me), that's all they showed all day long that day and for weeks to come. They had some really bad days when they found bodies and had to let the families know. 

Well the 10th anniversary of that terrible day is coming up on September 11th. 

 Below is a quilt I am making for the anniversary. 

Please send your 130 x 130 squares to tinakaymcd@gmail.com

   Copyright 2011 by Tina Kay McDaniel

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